Call me old fashion

I've always loved receiving mail the "old-fashioned" way. There is something special about having a personal letter sent to you rather than e-cards or emails that have only hit the sent button. It takes time to handwrite a letter (Not saying that an email doesn't require time,) to seal an envelope, choose a stamp, and physically write the address of whom you are sending it too without the convenience on typing in the first letter of a name, and boom, there address gets inserted. 

As a child, my grandparents on both sides of my family faithfully mailed me notes, letters, and cards. It was something that made me feel special. Don't we all love to feel special?!!

I grew to continue appreciating these letters as technology became more advanced. Packrat or not, I now save all of these letters in a special box, hoping to turn them into something special one day. I always have a little (OR BIG) project i'm working on at all times, and this too shall come to fruation. 

I love the way old cursive looks and the penmanship of my grandmothers. I remember hearing a story about how growing up in a catholic school, they would have to sit and retrace their writing until it was nearly perfect. Well, I by far don't have perfect penmanship like either of my grandmothers however, I love sending handwritten unique letters and thank you's to show a little less "easy email" and a lot more, "I put LOVE into sending this."