The unlikely Egg question

As many of my friends call me asking "how to's" in the kitchen, I recently received an unlikely question. For those of you out there that don't know how to boil an egg, I must say this….

Gently put the egg in a pot of already boiling water. 

It's easiest to lay the egg gently on a large spoon and slowly lower it into the water until you are able to remove the spoon, and the egg is on the bottom of the pot. The trick here is to NOT break the egg. 

You then continue the process, placing as many eggs as you desire, not to overfill the pot. 

My quick trick to see if the eggs are done: Take a spoon and lift the egg out of water. If the eggshell dries quickly, the egg is finished boiling!! 

Remove the eggs from the boiling water. I let them cool at room temperature and then put them in the fridge for awhile to finish the cooling process. 

When cracking the egg shell, I tend to hit the egg on its bottom part of the shell, usually there is air and it will crack nicely and be easier to peal. 

Wahlaa! You have boiled an egg my dear friend. Feel free to call anytime!