Instagram, Food Network, and a Mrs. Dovebelly Apron

A beautiful friendship blossomed because "red heart likes" were exchanged. Little did I know that "NikkiCanCook" was about to be on Season one of America's Best Cook, airing on Food Network. She started following me on instagram. After realizing she was "Liking" a lot of my photos, I wondered, who is this Nikki lady, and followed her right back! I LOVED her food photos and inspiration. She re-posted a quote that I'd absolutely loved and said, "Mrs. Dovebelly say's it best!" I was so flattered, as that quote had become words I live by. After a few messages exchanged, I attended her A Bit of This, A Bit of That cookbook release party! It was so nice to finally put a face to a name. I tried some of her Calypso Fried Rice and immediately became a FAN! Nikki realized that Mrs. Dovebelly makes custom couture aprons, and what do you know, We had a rush order put in the very next day for the following week! Having her logo printed was the easy part, the rest was in the hands of Mrs. Dovebelly. The Apron was delivered just in time for Nikki to debut it on one of her favorite cooking show, Atlanta and Company, that she watched faithfully before her career launched as a culinary genius. I was so honored to fit her, and tie those apron strings as I clipped the remaining loose threads. Bravo Nikki for all of your success and a warm thanks for supporting Mrs. Dovebelly!