It has long been handed down from generation to generation, from grandmother to granddaughter, this, the legend of Mrs. Dovebelly. 

Sometimes you hear it during the winter’s first snowfall when the air smells exactly as it looks, cold and full of possibility. Other times, it’s during the first cleansing rain of the summer, and the quenching quiet that follows.

She is seeable yet unknown, they say. Recognizable but unclassified. Captivating yet free. We can all testify to this.

Born of the crisp New England winter, Mrs. Dovebelly now graces the farmlands and skyscrapers of the South. Raised in the birch forest, Mrs. Dovebelly now nests in the open city, her love for snow evolving into her appreciation for early spring blooms, her natural wood cathedrals now the glass spires that surround her.

Inspired by as little and as much as a raindrop, a sudden wind gust, a ray of sunshine edging through a cloudscape, the jagged silhouette of a skyline, Mrs. Dovebelly sees the beauty inherent in all creations and it is her quest, her mission, her purpose to recreate and regift that beauty forevermore.


It’s been said that Mrs. Dovebelly has been a cricket keeper and a flower picker, a leaf presser and a rock collector. She cherished her grandmother’s handwritten letters, retracing the forms of her cursive even as she followed her father’s travels across the globe, learned to perfect her mother’s secret recipes, laced her ice skates in quiet concentration with her brother.

Mrs. Dovebelly has viewed the world from a great height, traveled deep into the rainforest, stood at the ocean’s edge. She has emerged from all her journeys with a quiet and powerful resolve, now a scientist and an artist, a learner and a seeker, always a visionary and a creator. And so she journeys on.

All of which is to say, Mrs. Dovebelly ebbs and flows between two worlds. Fiercely independent yet trusting in the goodness of others. Standing out in bold relief, yet interwoven into our collective tapestry. A healer still perfecting her own medicine. Above all, Mrs. Dovebellly is an expression of love.


Listen long enough, look close enough, and there, between the moon and the horizon. There, atop the lake in the sky. There she is. And there she goes.