Pathetique Sea Fan


Pathetique Sea Fan


White Long Frame, White linen Background, glass front, Hand ink dyed yellow Sea Fan
Approximate Weight
3.75 lbs
Approximate Dimensions
L. 18.5 W. 11 D. 1.5

Shipping and Handling not included

Ships in 1-2 weeks

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While we try our best to depict the true colors of our sea fans, please note that colors vary from one computer to another. We cannot guarantee that the sea fan will be identical in color to the one you see on our website.

All of our sea fans have been professionally prepared and mounted to last a lifetime. However, your display features a very delicate creature, and a fall from its wall mount could prove irreparable. Take special care when transporting your specimen during moves or home redecoration.

 Mrs. Dovebelly obtains all of our sea fans from legal United States sources. We possess all proper permits and licenses required by law and none of our specimens are considered endangered. We may be unaware of the laws in your state pertaining to the purchase of our products. We are not responsible for any fees that may be incurred, should you procure an item that you cannot legally possess in your state.